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The Xpertflo Anchor Advantage

Safety Anchors

Safety Anchors

High torque output drive allows us to install anchors with one consistent spin. We can easily install multiple anchors in a short time period, mitigating disruption to ongoing and transitional operations.

Quick Service

We provide 24-hour on-call service with a 4 hour lead time for jobs within 150 miles of Pleasanton, TX. Our two-man crew is in and out with little footprint on your worksite.

Pull Testing

Xpertflo uses a calibrated Transducer Techniques 50k Load Cell and readout box to ensure accurate ultimate tension capacity of anchors. Pull tests can be performed up to 50,000 lbs.

Case SV280 68HP Skid Steer
Belltec HTL-7K 6600 LB-FT Auger Drive

This high torque output drive allows us to install anchors with one consistent spin during driving operations.

Our Anchor Advantage

Our anchors are easy to install in any season, with minimal soil disturbance.

Standard Sizes & Equipment

  • 8”x10”x5’ double helix 1.5” square shaft
  • 3.5’ extension rods
  • Large Yellow Anchor Eye
  • Triple Eye Shackle Terminator
  • Standard anchors and equipment stocked
  • Can be temporarily or permanently installed

Special Order Anchor Sizes

  • 14”x14”x7’ double helix
  • 10”x12”x7’ double helix
  • 8”x10”x7’ double helix
  • 7’ extension rod

Xpertflo was established in 1998 out of Abbeville, LA as an oilfield service company, and in 2012 we relocated to San Antonio, TX to better service our customers in the Eagle Ford Shale, providing services to the Permian and Delaware Basin regions of Texas.

Safety and Quality are our top priorities.

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